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Family Tree Maker
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Family Tree Maker - Undersöker din släkthistoria

För närvarande finns det ingen recension av programmet: Family Tree Maker, version Om du vill skriva en recension av programmet, var vänlig gör så och skicka den till oss så inkluderar vi den gärna här.

Do you yearn to route through your past, to find out just what your grandparents’ grandparents got up to, where they came from, what they did with their lives and how their struggle resulted in the birth of your grandparents, your parents and, eventually, you? Do you want to know if you are related to European royalty, to the kings and queens of a bygone age, or if your ancestors were peasants, paupers, warriors or victims? The Family Tree Maker software could help you find the answers to all of your questions.

Family Tree Maker was created by the largest genealogy website and company in the world. For years they have been reuniting people with their pasts, helping them discover everything they wanted to know about there they came from and how they came to be. Family Tree Maker can help you learn the history of you family, the software contains billions and billions of records from tens of millions of families. There is a very good chance that lurking somewhere within his software, is a detailed history of your family tree, which you can use to create a picture of what life was like for your ancestors.

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